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Powerful text analysis

Integrate text analysis that is quick and strong into your apps. From topic categorization to sentiment analysis and entity extraction, we've got you covered. Make it happen in a matter of days, not months!

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the method of identifying positive or negative sentiment in text. Businesses frequently utilize it to identify sentiment in social data, assess brand reputation, and better understand customers.

Businesses can make better and more informed decisions by automatically categorizing the emotion behind social media conversations, reviews, and other data.

Named-entity Recognition

Named entity recognition (NER) makes it simple to recognize essential components in a document, such as people's names, places, brands, and monetary values.

You may use named entity recognition to extract crucial information to figure out what a text is about, or just to collect important data to keep in a database.

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More tools

Literally everything you need

We offer all the tools you need for a successful NLP experience.


The paraphrasing API is a tool that can restate any text content or find new ways to express a single sentence, phrase or word by using state-of-the-art AI.

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Summarization is an API that extracts a summary of a given document and selects the most relevant sentences by understanding its fundamental meaning.

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Extractor API is a feature-rich API and online application that handles all of the tedious work and problems associated with clean text extraction.

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Whether you need a subscription or buy credits to use Tinq, we've got your back.

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Get access to Tinq's all-in-one NLP tools with a single subscription.

What's included

  • Sentiment analysis tool & API access

  • Named-entity recognition tool & API access

  • Content extractor tool & API

  • Paraphrase tool & API access

  • Summarizer tool & API access

  • Writing assistant


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