A single API for all your text analysis needs.

Tinq.ai is a simple natural language processing tool. It helps you easily implement text analysis within your projects.

Plagiarism Checker.
with API

Seamlessly verify content authenticity with our user-friendly web tool or integrate our API for instant, developer-friendly checks in your application.

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Rewriter & Paraphraser

Al-Powered multilingual rewriting tool with paraphrasing API

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Fully integrated plagiarism checker.



AI-based summarizer that actually understand content.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Get all the emotions from a piece of text (or bulk).

Named-entity Recognition

Named-entity Recognition

Extract entities from any piece of content.

Plagiarism Checker

Article Extractor

Extract all the useful content from any given URL.

Easily add NLP to any project!

Add powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to your applications by leveraging our REST API.

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Integrates with your favorite tools

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$tinq = new Tinq\TinqClient('<your_api_key>');

$reviews = [
    'The apartment was as advertised and Frank was incredibly helpful through the entire process.',
    'This was the worse experience that I had on this app. Trully disapointing',
    'This is really a great location. The street is quiet and the room is really great. The bed is confortable. Terry is really helpfull. Enjoy.',
    'It was decent. Nothing more to add.',

$analysis = [];

foreach($reviews as $review) {
        $sentimentAnalysis = $tinq->sentiments($review);
        $sentiment = $sentimentAnalysis['sentiment'];
        $analysis[] = [
            'review' => $review,
            'sentiment' => $sentiment

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Monthly API requests

Tinq.ai is a great tool. It has a lot of potential.
I am no ai expert by any means, so I need something that is easy enough to add to my app.
Tinq's classifiers are great for that job. I also use the online rewriter from time to times to write online copy, and it does a good job.

Freelance Copywriter

I really like using Tinq in my app. This is by far the most versatile rephrasing (NLP) API that I've used. I run a community website and the classifier is very handy. It helps me quickly moderate what is happening in the community and prevent hateful speech and other unexpected behavior.

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Whether you need a subscription or buy credits to use Tinq.ai, we've got your back.

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Get access to Tinq.ai's all-in-one NLP tools with a single subscription.

What's included

  • Sentiment analysis tool & API access

  • Named-entity recognition tool & API access

  • Content extractor tool & API

  • Paraphrase tool & API access

  • Summarizer tool & API access

  • Writing assistant


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