Sentiment analysis API

Examine the attitude on social media, in reviews, or in consumer satisfaction surveys.

Use cases

What you can use sentiment analysis for

By automating sentiment analysis, you can process data which, due to its volume, variety, and velocity, cannot be handled efficiently by human resources alone. It is impossible to extract the full value from interactions in contact centers, conversations in social media, reviews of products in forums, and other websites (in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands) using exclusively manual tasks.


Here is what you can do with sentiment-analysis

Global sentiment

Extracts the general opinion expressed in a tweet, post or review.

Sentiment at attribute level

Recognizes a certain emotion for an item or any of its properties by examining the emotion of each statement in detail

Star rating generator

Use text content in order to predict which rating with will be on a scale of 0 to 5.

Use for free

We do the heavy work for you offers a sentiment analysis API that allows you to execute sentiment analysis right away, without any model training necessary.