Tinq AI Summarizer tool API

AI-Powered Summarization API

Summarization is an API that extracts a summary of a given document and selects the most relevant sentences by understanding its fundamental meaning.

Text summarization

The summary tool allows you to insert any type of text document and extract the summary by extracting its most relevant sentences. Use it to determine which documents are the most interesting without having to read everything, thereby improving the efficiency of your process.

Web page summarization

Because sometimes you need more than just simple text sumamrization, we built a tool that gets the very meaning of article contents and web pages. Using our sophisticated methods, we help you summarize any web articles into concise and easy-to-understand content, so that you can get rid of information overload.

Use cases

Content summarization can be useful in many instances.

Content publishing

For the media and other publishers, the ability to automatically provide summaries of all content allows readers and visitors to focus on the information they are most interested in, thereby improving service quality and participation.

Knowledge management

Organizational knowledge is embodied in thousands of documents in multiple languages, and the ability to extract automatic summaries enables you to better manage and utilize them.

Media monitoring

When you need to monitor hundreds of traditional and social information sources, automatically generating summaries allows you to focus on relevant documents and improve efficiency.

Reports Generation

It is tiring to read a lot of legal documents every day. Sometimes, reading all the details is not important. In this case, providing people with abstracts in addition to the original text can greatly increase productivity.

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  • Content extractor tool & API

  • Paraphrase tool & API access

  • Summarizer tool & API access

  • Writing assistant


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